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BANGOR UNIVERSITY Imported honey bees from mainland Europe are thought to have diluted the genetic make-up of the British bee, rendering it less well adapted to the climate and environment. Scientists at Bangor have developed a method for beekeepers to increase their chances of breeding more robust bees in the UK. The method allows beekeepers […]



BANGOR UNIVERSITY The focus of the project is on producing heritage data in conjunction with local communities. Photographs of heritage artefacts and environments will be uploaded onto our website ( So, come and get involved! Take photographs, upload them to the server, and see them in three-dimensions. If you come to one of our exhibitions, […]

Prey Preferences of Africa’s Large Predator Guild (Part 1)


BANGOR UNIVERSITY Dr Matt Hayward, Senior Lecturer in Conservation at Bangor University talks about his research into prey preferences of large predators.  This is the first of two videos focusing on the work carried out by Dr Hayward. You can read more about his work at

Prey Preferences of Africa’s large Predator Guild (Part 2)


BANGOR UNIVERSITY Dr Matt Hayward Senior Lecturer in Conservation from Bangor University talks about his research about Hyena, Cheetah and Lions and predator – prey interactions. You can find out more about his research at

Guest Post : Lis Parcell (JISC)

Lis Parcell

In the second of our series of guest posts, we hear from Lis Parcell from JISC who gives us her observations on the recent series of OER Wales Cymru Open Educational Practice Workshops and an outline of the changing landscape in the OER World. About the author: Lis Parcell works for Jisc in the Customer Services division, […]

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Bangor University

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